How to Get Overfunded on Kickstarter

Overfunding is a phenomenon interesting to many young entrepreneurs and crowdfunding enthusiasts. It is a fast and great way to start a business. However, it can be really problematic if it is not handled properly.
Being curious myself on how founders manage large amounts of funds, I have interviewed a few of them. Their ideas, stories, and best advices are represented in this funky infographic on how to skyrocket your Kickstarter campaign.
The graph is showing the most six important steps a founder has to walk on his journey to get overfunded. The first step is to adopt an entrepreneurial thinking. Project creators have to show imagination, resourcefulness, curiosity, project management and other skills entrepreneurs possess. The second step is to make an extensive research on the platform you are crowdfunding and check previous projects. Inspiration is always a good idea, but don’t be a copycat.
Other steps are encouraging founders to use social media to get as much presence and attention as possible, but also to stay connected with the backers and make them feel respected and appreciated. Which takes it to the last and one of the most important steps: the delivery process. Having an accurate budget for all the costs, taxes and fees, will help one avoid lots of stress, problems and money losses.
This infographic aims to be relevant for anyone willing to start their first project on Kickstarter and, eventually a business.
Skyrocket Your Kickstarter Campaign
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