How To Grow Your Business With The Marketing Flywheel

Uh oh! What is that sound we hear? It’s all the buzz surrounding the marketing flywheel. Ever since Hubspot came up with the idea of Flywheel, the marketing world has been fussing over it. Should businesses be driven by keeping the customers at the center? Is it really better than the funnel model? How can companies flywheel-ize their business?

To answer that, we have to dive a bit deeper.

What is Flywheel?

The Flywheel is the latest business model by Hubspot. In their words, “the customers can use the momentum of their happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales. Basically, their business keeps spinning.”

The Flywheel puts the customer at the center of the business and gains ‘force’ through good business, marketing, and sales practices. All these efforts are aimed at providing a good customer experience and ultimately, drive referrals.

Now, a reasonable marketer would ask why should his company shift from a funnel to a flywheel? Well, it becomes necessary in today’s time when customer trust is at an all-time low. Moreover, potential customers consider third-party review sites, peer-to-peer recommendations, and word-of-mouth while deciding on the product purchase.

Nevertheless, the process of flywheel-izing your business can be a daunting task. So, how can you revise your business strategies to increase the force of your flywheel?

Here’s an infographic to answer your questions:

How To Grow Your Business With The Marketing Flywheel
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