How to make homemade yogurt

Yogurt is one of people’s favorite choices in the supermarket because it’s tasty and healthy. However, consumers become worried that some of the yogurts sold have too much sugar or other unhealthy additive added. And some of them are not even real yogurt, more precisely some kind of lactic acid bacteria drinks.

Luckily, we can make homemade yogurt. With a yogurt maker in your kitchen, we can make yogurt by ourselves at home. You can control the sugar load, and also create the flavor you like. Basically, you just take several simple steps to make yogurt by adding milk and bacteria powder and then waiting for fermentation.

However, sometimes the yogurt that comes out does not coagulate and does not have a thick and silky taste. There are still some more details and skills to pay attention to. Let me tell you with this graphic the secrets of the Yoghurt Maker to make successful yogurt.


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