How to Make More Money When Selling Your Home

If you want to ask for a higher price for your home when you sell it, there are a few minor things that you can do over a day or two to help increase the value of your home. For example, you can declutter, clean, landscape, and update the most critical rooms in your home to draw in more buyers that are willing to pay your asking price.

Declutter and Deep Clean

It is crucial to make sure that your home looks great before you list it for sale. A great-looking home requires decluttering as well as a deep clean in every area of your home. While you can hire someone to deep clean your home, decluttering is usually something you’ll have to do and make arrangements to store your extra items at a different location.
Store clothing, boxes, and extra shoes that you aren’t wearing regularly. Potential buyers will want to look in closets to see the size. A cluttered closet makes people feel uncomfortable as there are too many personal items everywhere.
Take your pictures and trinkets out of your home and store them in storage. General-looking decor helps sell a home faster than personal decor.
The kitchen and bathrooms are also essential to declutter. Transfer any items that aren’t necessary or make the cupboards look cluttered to storage until your home sells. Also, make sure there aren’t magnets or other items on the outside of the refrigerator.
If you have a lot of furniture, you may want to remove some pieces and store them until you move into your next home. Only a few pieces of furniture in each room will help potential buyers visualize their items in the room.
If you need to store items in a room, consider stylish storage that adds to the room. For example, you can do this with storage bins that match or highlight the wall colors in the room or the color of the furniture.

Curb Appeal

Your Home room
The curb appeal is what draws buyers into a home. The first impression not only matters when you want to attract buyers, but it also matters when you want to make more money when selling your home. So spend some time on the landscaping and do as many easy exterior fixes as possible to update the curb appeal and make your home look as new as possible. Adding flowers and painting the porch are a few things you can do in one day and make a massive difference in the curb appeal so that you can ask for a higher price.

Alternatives to the Standard Private Buyers

Some businesses state, ‘we buy houses San Antonio,’ and they buy homes in the San Antonio area that typically need improvements faster than listing it and waiting for someone who wants to make improvements before moving into the home. Consider selling your home to someone willing to make improvements and sell the home after they pay you for the home right away.

Focus on Bathrooms

When potential buyers look at a home, they will consider the quality and aesthetics of the bathrooms a high priority. You can paint the bathrooms and add new fixtures for a big difference. You can also install antique mirrors and cabinets for a unique look that gives the wow factor to a home that doesn’t have as many unique or built-in features.

Focus on Kitchens

You can replace drawer pulls, and cabinet handles to create a more modern look in a kitchen. Also, painting cabinets can give a kitchen a whole new look. Potential buyers will look at countertops and appliances right away. If you want to ask for a higher price for your home, unique countertops and new appliances will help.
Whether you are ready to list your home this month or next year, spend some time working on making your home presentable to potential buyers. Before you list your home, you should get it ready to sell and then take the pictures to publish.
Pictures that show clutter or things that are unfinished or need updating will get less response than pictures of your home after you’ve gotten it completely ready for sale. Consider listing your home for a little higher than comps at first to see if your improvements put you in a higher price range. You can always lower the price if you aren’t getting the number of showings you’d like.

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