How to Market Your Mobile Website Internationally

Do you feel like you have accomplished everything you could within your country’s market? Or do you just want to acquire some new clients overseas?

No matter. Expanding is as a natural part of business as hosting sales.

However, before opening a branch abroad, you should consider expanding your website into your targeted country and see how well people respond. And, believe you me, even that takes a lot of planning.

When dealing with a mobile website, you first ought to research how high the smartphone usage is in that country, rather than just going on a limb.

And don’t forget the costs with translation and localization. After all, translating something into Korean will be far more expensive than translating that same thing into French. It’s important to notice that, at this step (localization), you might have to think about the price of your products abroad as well. Trust me: people are far more likely to abandon the cart if they don’t know how much that is going to cost in their currency.

And, of course, you must think about your SEO. How are you going to build links and generate traffic? Is social media going to be your ally?

Tip: if you want to make your website faster (and, therefore, better ranking), consider using a cloud hosting.

After a while, you may even consider actually hiring a local team and expanding your business, but that is a milestone further up the path. First, you have to master the basics, and here they are, in the form of a neat, informative infographic.

Hope it helps you! Enjoy!


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