How To Negotiate in Different Cultures

Learning to successfully negotiate in business dealings is both an art and a science that budding entrepreneurs and small business owners must master to achieve business growth. Whether looking for new partnerships, trying to secure the best business dealings, or trying to break into a new international market, negotiating is a skill that must be carefully developed to achieve business success. Conducting business around the world adds another layer to effective negotiation, because differences in culture mean different expectations and styles of business conversation.
Researching how an individual country communicates, what they value, and what types of interactions are considered taboo will help any negotiator be well-prepared to negotiate international business dealings. In some countries, negotiators are competitive, while in others, people take avoiding, compromising, accommodating, or even collaborative stance. The key, then, is understanding how differing perspectives, personality, and culture informs different negotiation styles around the world.
In the infographic below, Fundera explores the different cultural dimensions of 10 countries and how to effectively negotiate in each one:

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