How To Prevent Eye Strain

Eye strain occurs when your eyes focus on bright and near object for so long that it strains your eye muscles. If you keep staring at the bright object such as computer screen, the situation worsens. You can even lose your eye sight or else your vision will be so weak that you won’t be able to see without high numbered glasses.
Ways to Prevent Eye Strain:
Consult a Doctor:
If you are a professional and it is your job’s requirement to work more than 5 hours a day on the computer, then you must visit a doctor and tell him your story. He may give you some eye drops and medicine which may help you to prevent eye strain and you will not have to leave your job as well.
Bright Room:
It is very common that most of the teenagers today, spend all their nights using the laptops or their smart phones while the light of the room is switched off. It is advised that whenever you use electronic device, do it in the room where light is switched on. In this case the brightness of the laptop and the room will neutralize. This will reduce chance of having eye strain.
20-20 Rule:
Third and the easiest way to prevent eye strain is 20-20 rule. Make up your mind that you will use the screen for 20 minutes and then give your eyes rest for 20 minutes and vice versa. By keeping this routine, you will never have eye strain or any eye related problem caused by using the computer.
How To Prevent Eye Strain
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