How To Properly Prepare An Absinthe

Absinthe is a drink that is consumed all over the world. Unfortunately, it is often consumed in shots or by lighting it on fire. While this makes for a good video on instagram, it is not the proper way to consume an absinthe cocktail. If you light your drink on fire or take it as a shot, there’s no chance of enjoying the drink the way Van Gogh,

Hemingway, or Oscar Wilde did years ago. Prior to the absinthe bans of the early 1900s, it was widely known how to properly prepare an absinthe, but today even the online tutorials you find can lead you astray. So, how do you properly prepare an absinthe?

It starts with pouring absinthe, a small portion, into a glass. Then an absinthe spoon should be placed across the rim of the glass and sugar cubes placed on the spoon. This is to sweeten the drink. Next you’ll want to pour cold water over the sugar to dissolve it in the absinthe and create a mixture that is refreshing and cloudy.

Only when this is completed is the absinthe ready to be consumed–remove the spoon and drink at your leisure.

How To Properly Prepare An Absinthe
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