How to Reduce Energy Costs Associated With Owning a Pool

Did you know that with every increased degree in temperature, the energy costs associated with operating your outdoor swimming pool rise by more than 10%?
An outdoor swimming pool is a luxurious addition to any home and an excellent investment on nearly any property, but the energy costs associated with building and maintaining a pool may be enough to turn most homeowners away. However, with the right equipment and energy-efficiency strategy, your total cost of pool ownership could drop significantly over the life of your system – nearly 70% savings with a single, smart investment.
When installed with solar energy heating systems and fluorescent or LED lighting, an outdoor pool enclosure can protect your pool from damage, contamination, and energy loss with virtually zero maintenance required. The benefits for homeowners are clear: when it comes down to facing the high costs of owning a pool and preventing evaporation, heat loss, and radiation, there’s no better choice.How to Reduce Energy Costs
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