How to remove mold from toilets

Most people fear mold and for good reason because it causes a range of health issues. The very young, elderly, those with compromised immune systems and even pets are often the most vulnerable. This is why every possible step should be taken to minimize the risk of mold infestations within our homes. It’s often easier said that done since there are so many places where it can appear – including basements, within ceilings, behind drywall, inside air vents and so forth. One of the places it is most likely to appear is in bathrooms because of the regular dampness and high humidity levels which occur during baths and showers and toilets are no exception. There are a number of ways to prevent this, some of which includes installing an extractor fan inside of the bathroom which will drastically cut down on the humidity levels and regularly cleaning the toilet. Another cause, especially with toilets that are not regularly used, is long periods of stagnant water. In this case it’s recommended to flush the toilet at least once a week to replace the water within the tank and bowl.
In this DIY mold removal guide we will show you home to effectively remove this terrible fungi from the toilet tank, seat, bowl and base.
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