How to roll a t-shirt

It can be argued that successfully packing a suitcase should be considered an art form. Especially when it comes to maximizing your space in smaller carry-on styles. So unless you’re willing to buy a larger suitcase, or pay checking-in prices at airports, you’ll want to get the most out your luggage.

At Samuel Windsor, we’ve researched the best way to get the most in your bag, and with the fewest creases. And we’ve discovered that the most effective combination is to roll and fold your clothes.
Rolling your clothing isn’t a new discovery for packing pros. The military have been implementing this style for years, especially when it comes to packing properly for assignments.

So here are Samuel Windsor’s best tips to keeping your t-shirts crumple free and packed snugly.

(Top tip: The key to making this technique work is to keep everything as smooth as possible whilst you roll.)


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