The Future of Mac: How Will MacBooks Perform in 2020 and Beyond

Every year, the tech space anxiously awaits for new product releases from Apple. It’s not uncommon for Apple analysts—who usually gather intel from their contacts within Apple’s supply chain—to be making their fearless forecasts on what to expect from the Cupertino-based company, especially a few weeks before September. Around this time, Apple is expected to hold an event to launch their new products.

With September 2020 finally here, the excitement is building up once again; everyone’s attention is focused on the future of the MacBook or how it will perform in 2020 and beyond. What innovations in design will the 2020 MacBook feature? How much performance improvement will Apple fit into its machines? Will the latest MacBook actually have support for 5G connectivity?

These are some of the questions that tech geniuses are trying to answer prior to the official release of the 2020 MacBook Pro. Knowing where Apple stands on the issue of sacrificing quality to make its products more affordable, you can continue expecting the best in future Macs in every aspect possible.

Notice that each time Apple upgrades its lineup, the products don’t just come with technical improvements. Instead, Apple makes sure that their latest technologies pave the way for a new kind of lifestyle, as well, because frankly speaking, many laptop users will no longer want to carry a machine that’s too heavy or bulky for their briefcase.

Needless to say, it’s Apple who holds the distinction of producing the world’s thinnest notebook, courtesy of the very first MacBook air, before anyone else could ever think of such thing.

Take a look at this infographic to have some idea of what the next generation of MacBooks may look or feel like. Take everything with a grain of salt, though, until we officially hear from Apple in their September event.

The Future of Mac

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