How Will Shape the Office of the Future

There’s no question that technology is changing the way we work, but it’s also changing the physical workspace as we know it.
Here’s a glance into the Office of the Future.
1.) Globalized Workforce
With an increase in web conferencing and digital workflows, there’s already been a shift toward hiring remote workers. Companies are able to choose from a greater pool of talent and best fit new employees with their current teams, without regional restrictions. Employees can span a variety of time zones and still come together with new ideas and solutions.
2.) Green Space
Biophilic design refers to the naturalizing of modern buildings and spaces. Natural woods, lighting, and plants have been shown to reduce stress and increase cognitive function. Employees working in these new environments are 6% more productive, 15% more creative, and report a 15% increase in general well-being.
With results like these, offices are incorporating more greenery, skylights, and garden spaces (both indoor and out).
3.) Mixed Reality (AV & VR)
MR can be used to boost office morale as an unwinding or team building tool (like VR gaming). It can also be used for more productive ventures. For example, designers can work with 3D models, or real estate agents can produce virtual tours of available properties.
4.) 3D Printing
As 3D printing becomes more affordable, it’s proving to be an inexpensive alternative to everything from basic office supplies (pencils holders and laptop stands) to spare parts for larger office equipment. It’s also very useful for anything requiring a model or prototype.
5.) Telecommunicating
Remote workers offer a great benefit to companies. Reportedly, they can be more productive than on-site employees. Advancements in telecommunications also allow for normal on-site employees to work remotely, whether they’re on the road or find themselves working from home. No one has to skip a beat.
6.) Pets
Assuming allergies or some shedding doesn’t get you down, expect to see more pets in the workplace. Many beloved four-legged friends have already found their way into office spaces and team web pages alike. They’re an excellent morale booster and inexpensive therapist. Plus they’re darn cute.
7.) AI Assistants
AI in the office is more than the robot cleaning the carpet once a day. It looks like artificial intelligence will continue to increase in the workplace. Don’t worry. They’re not there to take your job. Instead, automation processes should free up human employees to focus on more creative and complex tasks which contribute to overall productivity.
8.) Hot Desks
Shared workspaces allow for better communication and more collaboration. Groups can congregate in spaces when needed, and an open atmosphere allows for a change of scenery whenever a distraction comes about.
Hot desks are already very popular, and no doubt they’ll be found in the office of the future.
9.) Sustainable Transportation
As ridesharing becomes more prevalent, so do electric cars, bikes, and other sustainable forms of transportation. You may start seeing charging stations, drop-off/pick-up zones for ridesharing, and bike racks pop up outside the office building.
Office of the Future

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