This Independence Day Indulge Yourself With The Freedom Of Upgradation!

The Independence Day as we all know is celebrated on 15th August every year to commemorate the final victory of freedom we got from the British rulers in 1947. Every year we celebrate along our fellow countrymen showing the best respect to every warrior keeping us safe. On that note CredR, wishes all of you a heart filled with joy on this Independence Day.

India as a nation has gone through so many phenomenal changes since the day of Independence granted to us. We have all upgraded post Independence towards better healthcare, education, culture and economic freedom. Proud to be an Indian is the common feeling we all have. Although we have achieved many milestones that deserve appreciation we also need to set our goals for the bright year ahead.

Freedom in general is an important term to understand. We all have the power of freedom which was desired by our ancestors and was initially a dream. Currently we all enjoy freedom in different ways like freedom of speech, freedom of life, freedom of religion etc. But do we have the freedom to achieve our dreams? Not a lot of people have had the freedom to do what they love.

It is even harder as freedom and independence of individual dreams are still denied to women of all age groups. Progression needs to begin with ourselves by finding the power to achieve the freedom of following our dreams. We all dream of a world where we don’t have to give up on everything that we love but to have the freedom of deciding what we really want.

Happy indian independence day. indian army soldier doing flag hoisting on top of mountain

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