Innovation in Business 2017

Statistics and charts that show how businesses are focusing in innovation in greater numbers than ever before – especially businesses that are small in size. SMEs are now seeing that innovation is mandatory and not simply the thing that R&D departments do at larger companies. Included in the infographic are studies and surveys that show just how precarious the release of a new product to the market can be, along with how some business people view innovation as a competitive necessity and think that organic growth through innovation will drive their business forward more than any other means. As for innovators themselves, one of the charts in this infographic shows how and why innovators do what they do, with the leading reason of superior product performance. Also included are the top 10 most innovative economies according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index.
Whilst this infographic is not all encompassing, it does highlight that whilst a good proportion of people see business innovation as important, around as many business people do not have the time, or want to spend the time on innovative projects as they believe it takes them away from running their business.
Innovation in Business 2017
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