Introducing Van Monster’s Vehicle Manufacturer Euro Football League

There’s a lot of déjà vu occurring across the top European football scene at the moment, especially with Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, FC Basel and Olympiakos all looking likely to clinch back-to-back league titles despite the season not even being halfway through.
Van Monster asks; what would happen to the football landscape across Europe if the motoring brands which sponsor the top clubs were instead given the management duties?
In order to reach an accurate answer to this question, the UK’s used van dealership introduces its inaugural Vehicle Manufacturer Euro Football League.
Presented in the form of an informative infographic, the league came about upon analysis of the top four clubs of 13 elite football leagues across Europe. From there, the manufacturers associated with each team received points depending on where their teams finished in the 2014/15 campaign, in the following manner:
If a team finished 1st, the manufacturer scored 5 points.
If a team finished 2nd, the manufacturer scored 3 points.
If a team finished 3rd, the manufacturer scored 2 points.
If a team finished 4th, the manufacturer scored 1 point.
To see if your favourite vehicle manufacturer was flying high towards the top of Van Monster’s alternative football league, check out the infographic in full below:Van Monster European Football Vehicle League Outreach
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