Investing for children

It’s every parent’s dream to raise a child who is sensible enough to know the true value of money but savvy savers don’t just happen overnight.

Whether you’re looking to cover the costs of school trips and P.E. kits or wanting to encourage your infant to save for the future, starting now will provide for great piece of mind.

That’s where pocket money comes in. Just a couple of pounds a week can give little ones the practice in budgeting and saving that they need to start off with, whereas encouraging a weekend job goes that little bit further, offering independence that pocket money simply can’t provide.

Get started today by setting up a Little Saver account, but don’t forget to bear in mind your own bank balance before dishing out a lump sum that you can’t afford.

This infographic expresses the importance of financially independent children ensuring you stay away from common footfalls. Investing for children

This infographic is provided by :Kirsty Dewhurst, “”

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