What Is a Junior Four Apartment in NYC?

A Junior 4 (JR 4) apartment in NYC is a one bedroom apartment with an extra alcove space that can be used as a second sleeping area, formal dining room, office or nook. Junior Four apartments are controversial because there is no widely accepted definition of what constitutes a JR4 apartment in NewYork City.

If you are buying or renting an apartment in NYC, it’s very likely that you will come across apartments being marketed as having two bedrooms when in fact they are Junior Four apartments.

The difference between a two bedroom and a Junior 4 apartment can be ambiguous at times. If an apartment has two rooms which can be used for sleeping purposes, isn’t it a legal two bedroom apartment? The answer to this question brings us to another controversial topic in NYC real estate: What qualifies as a legal bedroom in NYC?

The definition of a legal bedroom in NYC is complex and depends on a number of factors. You can learn more by reading Hauseit’s Official Guide to Legal Bedrooms in NYC.

On a positive note, Junior Four apartments are usually less expensive (and therefore better value) compared to legal two bedroom apartments in NYC. A JR 4 apartment is a great option if you require two sleeping areas but do not have the budget for a true two bedroom unit.

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What Is a Junior Four Apartment in NYC
Infographic Sourcehttps://www.hauseit.com/junior-4-apartment-nyc/

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