Kakao for Business

For businesses that are looking to reach out to Korean should consider using KakaoTalk as one of the customers messaging and marketing channel. KakaoTalk is by far the most popular messaging app in South Korea. How popular is KakaoTalk? In Q4 of 2019, Kakao reported 51.4 million global monthly active users (MAU) and 44.8 million, or 87% of them are domestic users.

Although WhatsApp is the leading messaging app in many countries, it hasn’t cracked the South Korean market yet. Reports show that only 7% of South Koreans use WhatsApp in 2019. KakaoTalk is the best messaging app for business in South Korea.

To use Kakao for business, you need a Kakao for Business account. Previously Kakao had two types of business accounts, Plus Friend and Yellow ID. In 2017, Kakao simplified this system to just one business account – KakaoTalk Channel.

In this infographic, respond.io looks at where the app is popular, types of business accounts, the ways to start a chat on the app, as well as the characteristics of 1-to-1 messaging, broadcast messaging, and group messaging.

Kakao for Business
Infographic Source:   Kakao for Business

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