Kerala Tourism – Offers Flawless Experience to Tourist People

Kerala is a well known state for its greenish gardens, inviting tea estates, heavenly surroundings, splendid beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, backwaters, falls and spices. No one can simply hate visiting Kerala, since that much special and tempting the state is. Kerala is the lively and astonishing state to visit. Kerala is one of the states which follow traditions and cultures. Their festivals, cultures, rituals, foods and religions are really awesome to glance at. The Kerala tourism welcomes their guest in a special way which they cannot forget until their life time. You can feel their culture in each and every step.
OnamFestival of Color
Onam is a famous and notable festival of Kerala. The Kerala people celebrate onam for ten days. This festival will be celebrated either at the end of August or at the commencement of September. The onam festival is known as “festival of colors”. The reason is that, they used to draw colorful rangoli at their doorsteps to welcome the festival. Rangoli is a common one and you can find this at any place. But the Kerala rangoli remains special always. Rather just using color powders, the Kerala people use flowers to decorate their rangoli. Surely, the rangoli will grab the attentions of other country people at a very first sight.
Unique Food and Flavor
The food and flavor of Kerala are peculiar to look at. Their food is always spicy and warm. You can find the flavor of coconut oil or paste or milk in their foods. They will not prepare any foods without the contribution of coconut oil. Their meal contains rice, boiled cereals, dal, sweet, sea food and more. Not only their food, but also their snacks are tasty. Kerala people enjoy various types of snacks which are banana chips, halwa, muruku and sharkarauperi. Once you tasted their food and snacks, you cannot forget the taste and flavor of it till the end of your life.
Kerala TourismSite Seeing
Kerala is indeed the best tourist spot to visit. The exotic ranges of traditional temples, site view, sanctuaries, boating and more places make it the best place to spend your vacations. Various kinds of tourisms are possible in Kerala which are medical tourism, wildlife tourism and pilgrimage tourism. Among that, you can choose anything which suits your demands and budget comfortably well. The must see places of Kerala are Alapula, Trivanandapuram, Kochin, Munnar, Chotanikara temple, Ernakulam, Koazhikodu and more. The above mentioned places will surely make you feel wonderful and breathtaking to be there. You will never find any issues with the places.
People who would like to enjoy these places should choose the best tourist package or best Kerala tourism centre. Only then, they can able to see all those places without any kind of disturbances. Various tourist centers are out there to select from. You should examine the facilities of the tourism or tourist centers ahead hiring it. Each and every tourist packages will get varied according to the list of places and cost. So, explore different tourist packages and choose the perfect one for you.

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