Kids Generation- What Shaped Tomorrow’s Shapers?

Are you born in the 80’s, the 90’s, or the new millennium? Although these generations are just a decade apart from one another, our environment has been changing very radically, to a point where people born in each time span have very different principles and beliefs. 10 years ago, mobile internet speeds crawl. And 10 years ago before that, smartphones is just a dream of the most imaginative minds.

Most kids born in the 80’s would know about the fall of the Berlin Wall, Michael Jackson’s heydays, and he hype about the birth of the internet. On the other hand, kids born in the 1990’s saw the end of the Cold war, the fatal car crash of Princess Diana, and the dawn of cloning in animals as scientists successfully clone a sheep for the first time.

Of course, kids born in the new millennium witnessed the most recent significant events such as the Iraqi War, the boom of Facebook, Youtube, and other social media websites, and the prevalence of smartphones. Just how did these events and differences shaped today’s kids? Let’s find out by looking to this awesome infographic.

What Shaped Tomorrow’s

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