Labradoodle Breed Overview

The Labradoodle dog breed has become one of the most popular cross breed dogs available today. A Labradoodle is the result of combining a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. This cute, fluffy dog is actually really intelligent and was initially bred to be a service dog for a woman with vision problems. The catch to this service dog was the fact that her husband was allergic to dogs! The Labradoodle actually has a low-shed coat, which makes it an allergy friendly option for many people who suffer from allergies to pet dander. Don’t mistaken this to mean hypoallergenic, though. While a lot of people make claims that the Labradoodle, or even other dogs, are hypoallergenic, it’s actually not true. It’s impossible, in fact. The confusion comes from the reduction in allergic reactions caused by the low-shed coat. Learn more about the Labradoodle, it’s traits, and it’s history through this wonderful infographic.
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