Learn how to battle the bugs in your garden

What are the most annoying pests in your garden? Whether it’s ants or slugs and snails that are bothering you, the latest infographic from play bark retailer, Compost Direct, provides plenty of handy advice for keeping the bugs away from your garden plants.
Looking at the top ten garden pests as listed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the graphic offers useful advice for identifying the signs of damage and how to rectify the issues. Your garden will no longer be a feasting spot for little critters! Amongst the pests covered, slugs and snails rated as the biggest bug-bear for gardeners, followed by the lesser known vine weevil and the fuchsia gall mite.
Helpful hints are included, making this piece a must-read for gardening enthusiasts of all levels. Follow the simple hacks from Compost Direct and you’ll be well on your way to keeping the bugs off your plants.
Learn how to battle the bugs in your garden
This infogrpahic is provided by:  http://www.compostdirect.com
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