Living on-Campus vs Living off-Campus

So, you are going to leave your parent’s house and start an independent college life? If so, you will have to make a lot of preparations and decide where will you live for the next few years.
Some institutions require freshmen to live on campus, while others allow choosing the accommodation off-campus. Both options can significantly impact your college experience. The question is: what type of housing to choose?
Actually, there is no strict answer and the decision is only up to you. To help you make it, we have analyzed the most prominent aspects of both types of accommodation and prepared a comprehensive infographic. Here you will find a detailed comparison of the strong and weak sides of on-campus and off-campus living: expenses, food, and cooking, safety, space, networking, living with roommates, rules, and so on.
Check the infographic and make your decision!
Living on-Campus vs Living off-Campus
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