Log Home Maintenance Tips

Tending to and maintaining your log home will require a bit more diligence than that of a stick frame house. It’s wise to take the time to walk around your log home several times each year and assess what needs to be done. Take a long and hard look at areas that may have water issues such as the ends of the cabin, the chimney, the flashing, the roof junctions and the dormers. Don’t forget to check the decks where the logs meet as well as the windows and the door frames.
Do this on a regular basis. Perhaps as the seasons change so that you have a consistency to it. It’s a vital part of being a log home owner to check things and make sure that nothing is breaking down. You’ll have to chink, caulk and watch for water stains to keep your home in peak condition.Our PDF will give you important tips on caring for your log home, today and the rest of your log home’s life.
It breaks down the categories that you should be checking and what to look for so that you’ll have the proper care for your home. Log homes have been around for many years, and they are a solid home. They are ideal in storms and weather and will continue to withstand a variety of weather changes. Many are built to last for generations and be handed down to your children and grandchildren. It’s a part of our heritage to be able to pass them down with pride.
Along with this pride, is a responsibility to maintain them. This means that you’ll have to keep an eye on their well-being. They offer character and many individualized statements. They are also a great way to go about green living and living a greener lifestyle. Doing it your way will never be out of style.
Infographic Source: http://www.logrepair.com/log-home-maintenance/

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