London Housing Crisis: Past, Present & Future

From a population of approximately just over a million in 1801, London’s population is expected to grow by millions over the next ten years.
The London housing crisis has been an issue which has gathered a lot of talk within social media and throughout the news recently. With homeowners investing in building basements & having their loft converted in order to create more living space. The ‘housing bubble’ poses a worrying thought for anyone living of thinking of investing their money in bricks and mortar within the capital, with the main reason for the soaring costs stemming from the lack of new homes being built.
Why can’t we build new homes?
The lack of new homes being built within London is due to a variety of reasons, from shortage of land to under-resourcing in the planning for new homes. With more efforts being made since 2010, there has been an increase in the rate of construction, but new input is needed to help cope.
This infographic takes you through the decades of living in London, showing the average house size throughout its history, as well as displaying the projected need for housing which London will have to accommodate over the next few years. London Housing Crisis
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