Which London Underground Station has the Most CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are installed to help protect and keep crime down. When CCTV cameras have been installed crime has gone down. In London there are thousands of cameras all around this great capital. A place where many of these cameras are located is in the London Underground. This can be also known as The Tube. It was called the Tube in 1890. This was due to the shape of the tunnels. There are 270 Tube stations in this city and each station has many CCTV cameras to help prevent crime on the Underground. It is hard to say if the cameras have helped but crime on the Underground is low. AAI Security Systems are a security firm who provide many security and fire safety services and products such as CCTV cameras. AAI have created an infographic showing the which London Underground Station has the most CCTV Cameras. The infographic shows the top ten.
Infographic source: http://www.aaisecurity.co.uk/news/cctv-london-underground/

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