4 Luxury Weekend Escapades You Can’t-Miss in 2021

Get a Luxury Escape in 2021
Even with all of the craziness of this year, you deserve a getaway. There is no reason you feel like you have to be trapped in your home due to the pandemic. If you use a little bit of creativity and investigate your options, you will find that you can travel safely to luxury destinations without worrying about COVID.
How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic
Instead of traveling on highly trafficked planes, you do well to get an on demand private jet charter. With a private charter jet, you will have the crew to take care of you and your other travelers. The crew will make sure that you all have a safe and enjoyable flight. Since it is a private jet, you don’t have to worry about face masks, gloves, and eating on the plane. You can eat and drink with the ones you love while you are traveling in style. Now that you have a plan for travel to your desired destination. You do well to review some of the weekend escapes that are detailed below.
#1 Travel to The Gulf Coast
The Gulf Coast is the entire shoreline that is located in the southern part of the United States. This shoreline stretches from Texas to Florida. A weekend trip to the Gulf Coast can be truly unforgettable and exhilarating. The Gulf Coast is known for its white-sand beaches, aquamarine water, and beautiful palms. There are various areas along the Gulf Coast where you can find private Airbnb, private beaches, and fabulous restaurants with outdoor seating. You can also enjoy delicious seafood that is served at breathtaking resorts. Even if you do not want to eat, the majority of the restaurants will deliver food to you. Along the coast, you can enjoy activities such as biking, swimming, hiking, and fishing.
#2 The Catskills
The Catskills are a scenic mountain range that has been popular for decades in New York. You can find fantastic weekend houses, Inns, Airbnb, ziplines, hiking, and dazzling waterfalls in this area. The natural surroundings that are found in the Catskills are breathtaking. Many of the lodging facilities are quaint, and they offer amazing views of the mountain ranges and the forests. If you happen to be a foodie, you will love the farm-to-table restaurants that allow you to pick up or deliver options in the Catskills.
#3 The Florida Keys
If you are hankering for a Caribbean vacation and don’t want to leave the US, then the Florida Keys will be your best bet. The Florida Keys boasts of miles of beaches. The island atmosphere is laid back and fun. If you would like to have a water-packed adventure, you can rent one of the numerous Airbnb’s that are found here. Apart from lying at the beach, you can also enjoy scuba diving or fishing. The Keys boast of some of the country’s most fragile ecosystems with marine life that is unseen anywhere else in the US. Not only will you enjoy a refreshing vacation at the beach, but you will also love the local restaurants that are only found in the keys.
#4 Las Vegas
Regardless of the pandemic, Las Vegas is still Las Vegas. If you are interested in getting back to the hustle of life pre COVID, Vegas is the place that you want to be. With its lit up streets and iconic hotels, there is no shortage of things you can see while still social distancing. Even though there are restrictions on numbers, most of the hotels and casinos in Vegas are still open. The food in Vegas is affordable and delicious, so you do not want to miss out on any of the delicacies that you can enjoy in this unique place.
Travel Despite Covid
Covid has drastically reduced the amount of travel that most people did last year. That does not have to be the case for you. When you arrange your private travel arrangements, you are less stressed, and you can feel calm as you are arriving at your destination. Unique places are waiting for you to discover this weekend, so get out there and travel.

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