Major Machine Learning Figures And Trends

This infographic shows the main trends, market metrics for machine learning and artificial intelligence. It shows the advantages that BIG companies receive from machine learning, and shows the structure of funds invested in the industry.
It is shown that machine learning includes Deep learning and is itself part of a large branch of artificial intelligence. We can see in detail what directions of development in applications using machine learning in healthcare, marketing, retail and finance.
For example, in marketing, applications using machine learning are used for segmentation and marketing, improvement of the recommendation engine, content generation and hyper-targeted advertising.
In Retail, machine learning is used to create chatbots, virtual assistants, price optimization and predictive analysis.
The global Machine Learning market  is divided between several industries:
BFSI, Healthcare, Legal Services, Advertising and Media, Automotive Industry, Agriculture and others.
On the infographic, we can see in which areas of artificial intelligence funds are invested. We can see that the most investment is in machine learning solutions and machine learning platforms. Also, serious money is being invested in smart robots and computer vision platforms.
Machine Learning Figures And Trends
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