The Major Types of Martial Arts You Must Know About

Today there is quite the hype when it comes to mixed martial arts. If you’re interested in sports, then you must also know that MMA is not a single sport. It is actually the combination of many defense and offense techniques from many different and diverse forms of arts. For different people, different styles work. However, when you begin, you must always have a certain goal in mind to join the MMA community.
Think about your goals in detail first. And then, afterward, think about the strategy or the help you require in accomplishing your goals. You must also understand that the diversity within MMA is so much that you’ll have to conduct a thorough study of what you want beforehand. Also, MMA is not just about self-defense, contrary to popular opinion.
Dispel all such and similar myths and misconceptions before you join in! In this article, you’ll be able to get a basic idea of the different types of sports an MMA artist can pursue to better both their defensive or offensive side of things! For more clarity, check out this blog post.
Martial Arts
Professional or Self-defense Only?
Remember that people join the mixed martial arts arena for unique reasons. It is because of this that you must know about the subject in detail. Know that in martial arts to learn self-defense is quite dissimilar to the arts that people, who want to become professionals, pursue. Also, understand that the challenges and hindrances in both these approaches are way too different. For a person who wants to master self-defense for the sake of it, becoming pro is not as important.
They must prepare themselves, however, for real-life situations that do not involve any rules and are, actually, very serious. Professionals partake in the sport with a lot of facilities. There are rules to keep things in place, doctors to help right away in the case of an injury, a referee to help prevent any unfortunate events and protective gear to avoid any serious injury.
Professional also use protective gear such as shorts, gloves, helmets etc.Choose wisely before you decide the type of option that works best for you.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that is also known as BJJ is a martial art that has been able to win a lot of critical acclaim in recent times. It is exceptionally useful when it comes to effective self-defense techniques. These techniques can be used by people pertaining to any age group and work for all sorts of near-combat situations.
Moreover, it a ground-based martial arts style that lays immense focus on joint locks and chokeholds etc. BJJ also teaches about thoroughly about techniques to take advantage of an opponent who has a bigger body mass, strength and power. BJJ is the go-to art for many mixed martial athletes. It comes very handy in the UFC contests as well since contestants can use BJJ techniques to force a submission.
Muay Thai
Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs. It is known popularly in such connotations since it involves fast combinations that utilize movements from one’s elbows, knees, kicks, and punches. To add to Muay Thai, the sport also comes with some clinching techniques to make your opponent immovable. The sport originates from Thailand and that is why it is called Muay Thai. These days, many UFC professionals opt to gain expertise in Muay Thai. The sport focuses on using the body as a weapon and also helps you unleash blows and kick with a brute force that can enforce a knockout.
Mixed Martial Arts, a.k.a. MMA is very popular these days. This art is actually a combination of many martial arts. As a result, a master of MMA is virtually invincible against those who only master one form of art. This is because the mixed martial artist is able to be an expert on different techniques and styles that will allow them to counter most experts in other arts.
Moreover, they will also be able to have a higher self-defense since they can easily improvise and also respond to most surprise attacks. MMA teaches you virtually every major art that is required for you to have a very strong offense and a very robust defense.
Again, you must know why it is that you’re planning to join an MMA club. Even in the case of MMA, professionals use protective gear and official matches have many rules and regulations to follow. It is best for the common people to practice MMA to better their self-defense. It will come in handy and aid in greatly improving your general physical fitness as well. MMA workout is quite intense.
Boxing is a form of martial arts that is very highly respected and regarded all around the world. It teaches you about punching with force and speed to knock out your opponent in the ring. Boxing, again, in a professional connotation is quite regulated and there are referees to help you out.
However, if you wish to pursue boxing as an art that you intend to master for actual defense on the streets then the training will be quite different. Strong and quick footwork paired with fast and strong punches will enable you to pin down your opponent in no time. When it comes to boxing, the fights take place in standing position and you’re not allowed to use your legs.
The aforementioned martial arts are the best in the business and are widely used across the world. They are also the most appropriate ones for self-defense. Moreover, know that there are plenty of other types of martial arts as well.
However, whatever style you choose, always keep in consideration the reason you intend to master that particular style. If you have a liking for a martial art, you must not wait a single moment but get enrolled in a martial art school you’re your residence!

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