5 Marketing Techniques To Enhance Your Website Rankings

The marketing landscape in today’s digital world has become increasingly data-driven and relies heavily on research. Marketers conduct extensive research to optimize their digital marketing strategies. Everyone’s main target is to become more visible among the millions of daily searches on the internet. Higher search engine rankings are a great source of increasing the market footprint and deriving more sales. It is one of the most successful modes of generating new leads. However, improving website ranking on search engines is no easy task. It is mainly because the entire digital ecosystem has become very scientific in its overall market approach.
Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most common web search engine. It controls about 45% of internet browsing and processes around 3.5 billion searches per day. It clearly shows us how much competitive and congested these search engines are. Your website needs to make its way through these competitors. Therefore, marketing techniques to improve the ranking of your website become very important.
If you are looking forward to improving your website’s rank, this article serves you the right purpose. It highlights five marketing techniques that can enhance your website ranking.
1. Publish Relevant Content with Strong links
Quality content that is relevant to your business philosophy is the strongest tool to enhance website rankings. However, your link building strategies determine the success of the entire content drive. Links stand among the top-ranking criteria of Google search engines. You would want to have links from trustworthy sites that have credible information. It will increase your website’s overall visibility, and public reach since your links are already well recognized.
Earning these links might not be an easy task. You will probably need to outreach. You can connect with opinion leaders like bloggers, publishers, and webmasters and generate links for your website. It might sound a bit difficult and time-consuming, but it is highly beneficial to your website. Once your content gets recognition, it can have a significant impact on your search engine ranking. It helps customers from your target audience to discover your website.
2. Make Friends with SEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a brainchild of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Search engine optimized content generates 6x more customer engagement than average content. SEO content is well-thought-out content with proper customer research. It encompasses suitable topics and contains the relevant keyword to climb up the search engine ranking ladder.
Skyscraper content is the new dimension added to the world of SEO. It looks for an infamous concept in the market and generates content on it. It utilizes popular links and creates supportive backlinks. Skyscraper content takes a reverse engineering approach to gauge customer’s queries in advance and create content accordingly that clarifies those queries.
3. Increase your CTR
The Click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who click on your website. For instance, 60 people saw your website in their search results, but only 30 actually clicked it. Your CTR, in this case, would be 50%. CTR serves as one of the essential benchmarks while ranking your website. If more users click your website, the search engine considers it more worthy than others. Hence, resulting in improved search engine ranking.
Studies have already shown a strong correlation between CTR and search engine rankings. You can increase your CTR through specific measures. Though, the most helpful way is adding the core and content-relevant keywords in the Meta description. It will incentivize the user to click on your website, which will increase your CTR.
4. Create a user-friendly website interface/experience
The more a user spends time on your website, the better it is for search engine rankings. However, your website must have a user-friendly interface and provide a comfortable experience to the user. The placement of videos, infographics, pictures, and other marketing collateral should be very strategic. It must not hinder a user’s overall website experience.
The current customers have become increasingly choosy and selective. They make a very well-informed and customized purchase decision. Therefore, search engines value those websites that create a relevant customer experience compared to their offerings.
5. Make your website mobile-friendly
According to statistics, mobile phones produced about 50.8% of global web traffic by the third quarter of 2020. All leading search engines – especially Google – consider mobile-friendliness while ranking websites. When you have 5.55 billion mobile phone users, the search engine would undoubtedly cater to their queries with the most relevant websites. Therefore, websites with better mobile phone adaptability receive a higher search engine ranking.
You would certainly want to design your marketing approach to attract this huge mobile phone audience. Making your website mobile-friendly serves both these purposes; better website ranking as well as wider audience approach. Moreover, a mobile-friendly website cuts you the cost of developing an entirely separate app. Your website fits the purpose of an app too.
Wrap ups
The world was already moving toward digitization at a very rapid pace. COVID-19 pandemic has added significant momentum to that pace. The world has seen an unprecedented shift toward digitization within not time. In such a scenario, online marketing and the utilization of virtual platforms for running businesses are of paramount importance for marketers.
Unfortunately, you are neither the only one to identify this shift nor have the first-mover advantage in this field. Therefore, you must deploy all the tools to enhance your online visibility. From SEO to CTR, you have to incorporate all the necessary gimmicks to produce better results.

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