Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics

A look at how the Covid-19 pandemic has helped increase the popularity of Microsoft Office 365 and the Teams video-conferencing application. These have become Microsofts most profitable products. Microsoft also has 258 million paid seats for Office 365, which includes access to Microsoft Teams. Teams went from zero to leading in its category in under three years — two years and eight months, to be precise.

It’s clear the company still has some way to go to convince its existing Office user base to switch to Teams. Still, it’s possible nearly 30 percent of its Office 365 paid seats are using Teams already. Of all the companies that are using Microsoft Office 365, a majority (61%) are small (<50 employees), 15% are large (>1000 employees) and 24% are medium-sized.

While Office 365 is not the right choice for every organization, almost every organization should take the time to consider its pros and cons as they evaluate their future communications and collaboration strategy.

Microsoft Office 365 Usage Statistics
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