The 5 Fundamentals of a Modern Stage Design

Events these days are tasked not only to provide a live avenue for artists to perform their tunes, but also to give audiences a visual spectacular and a multi-sensory experience. Even though there are a lot of devices out there that can really immerse and wow the audience, it is still very difficult to choose which one is the best for a particular event.
Visual elements like lights, displays and special effects capture the audience’s attention. But, even if they are interesting devices to include in your design, putting in too much of these without regard to the other elements of the stage can really destroy the chosen atmosphere for the event. And so, this is where the challenge lies for every stage designer. Providing an experience that can stimulate the senses while highlighting the artist’s performance can be quite difficult.
In this infographic, Red Damien – a professional lights and sounds company – discusses the essential elements in building the perfect concert stage so you can learn useful tips and tricks that you can use in preparing your next event.
Fundamentals of a Modern Stage Design
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