Monterey vs Big Sur: The ultimate comparison

Big Sur vs. Monterey: Which is the best MacOS in 2021?

Apple has finally unveiled its latest project that will affect Mac users down the line. The new operating system version, Monterey, has completed its development and is promised to hit the markets late in July 2021. With all the craze around it, perhaps you are also keen on finding out what it is all about. Find out more about Monterey as it is compared with Big Sur.

Accessibility of content shared

When users receive a text from someone on Messages, Monterey uses advanced AI algorithms to act on some of the information gleaned. For example, if someone shares a link to a song on iTunes with you, the song will be automatically stored in the “”shared with”” folder. The same applies to other Apple applications such as News, Movies and so much more. This simplifies your life because you don’t have to manually archive the linked content to a certain folder.

Localization of text-to-speech services

An interesting feature that comes with Monterey, which Big Sur does not have, is the localization of text-to-speech services. On certain devices, you can change the accent of text-to-speech services to match your current location. Some of the languages added include Norwegian, Danish, and a couple of others that can be found in the preferences settings.

Continuous background syncing

When compared to Big Sur, the continuous background syncing on Monterey can be a bit of a pain. Normally background syncing is not an issue on Macs and all apple devices. However, Monterey takes it to a whole different level because gigabytes of data are transmitted in the background. This is a non-issue if you are not on a data plan but using uncapped wifi. It can also be changed to stop syncing automatically, allowing you to have more control.

Monterey vs Big Sur
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