Most Popular CMMS Features In 2019

Many businesses these days need a computerized mainteanance management system (CMMS) to ensure that their productivity isn’t suffering because of technical difficulties (like a HVAC not working properly during hot summer days) and to ensure business continuity in general (like manufacturing plants where critical asset failure often means a stop for the whole production).
Combine that with a trend of being proactive and it is not surprising that more and more organizations are looking to implement CMMS in their organizations. In light of that, the team at Limble CMMS decided to take a closer look at their internal data and see which were the most popular features their clients used throughout 2019.
In the infographic below, you’ll be able to check things like how many tasks an average technician started every month, how many work requests are done on average on a monthly basis, the percentage of preventive work in the total volume of work, and many other interesting information that show how businesses utilize CMMS in practice.
Most Popular CMMS Features In 2019
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