Motorcycle Safety Infographic

Are you a new rider or returning to motorcycle ? You’re maybe wondering compare to other vehicles, how dangerous motorcycles are ?

If yes, you should have a look this below infographic. It’s a motorcycle safety infographic that will show you about the danger of motorcycles.

What are include in infographic ? The infographic contains information on fatal motor vehicle crashes and facilitates. The data statistics will published on February 2017 by US government.

With 14% of fatalities are motorcyclists. It’s not a small percent rate although comparing to higher percent rates of other vehicles:  36% car, 28% truck. Nowadays, cars’re occupying almost traffic of transportation facilities. So a short  comparison between motorcycle & car crashes will be more clearly about the dangers of motorcycles.

With the detailed statistic about the facts in the motorcycle crashes, the riders can know what the main reasons of motorcycle crashes are and how to avoid them. Finally, taking a helmet is always necessary to protect motorcyclists in every situation collision.


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  1. Thanks for the motorcycle safety tips. I am going to buy my first bike this year, and I want to make sure I can stay safe. I like what you said about helmets saving 1772 lives in one year. That is a really great reason to wear a helmet, I will be sure to invest in a good one.

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