Motorcycle Storage Tips

Our infographic offering motorbike storage tips to motorbike owners originally started life as a guest blog post a few years ago, but more recently we realised that it would make a fantastic infographic as well, with each of the 7 tips corresponding with and pointing to the different components of a motorcycle. We decided to opt for a landscape orientation (instead of the more traditional portrait orientation that you often get with a lot of other infographics) for two main reasons… First of all, it was a lot easier to show the bike that way (rather than positioning it vertically). Secondly however, and perhaps more importantly, our hope is that the infographic is physically printed out by motorbike owners who are in the process of getting their motorbike ready to store over the winter months – for example, either as a poster that could be hung up on a wall in the garage, or a laminated version that they can keep to-hand when needed.
Motorcycle Storage Tips
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