10 Places Mould Can Hide In Your Home

Our home should be the safest places for us, ideally. But there are invisible threats that can grow inside our homes without us knowing. Moulds can insidiously grow in the different parts of the house and in furniture or fixtures. It is a real potent cause of diseases for the family residing a mould-infested house.
Knowing where moulds commonly grow is the first big step to prevent them from growing inside the house. You might be surprised however, that moulds can grow everywhere, not only at the basement, under the sink or in crawl spaces. Moulds grow on dark moist surface, which is virtually everywhere: from the sink to the carpet and even pillows!
It is of high importance for you to target the places that may become a hotspot for moulds to grow. In this infographic  you can take a tour around the places where moulds can easily survive and spread. And for your family’s protection.
Infographic Source: http://aware1.com.au/10-places-mould-can-hide-in-your-home/

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