Movie Cars You Can Drive

This infographic, from one of the UK’s leading vehicle leasing and contract hire companies, Select Cars, celebrates some of the most luxurious and iconic super-cars from the big screen. From the infamous James Bond Aston Martin DB5 to the replica DeLorean DMC12, it shows the car’s performance details, along with the costs.
These iconic vehicles may have carried out some awesome feats, driven away from being virtually blown-up or reached super-fast speeds in the movies, in reality many of them can reach amazing speeds and be fully equipped to aid driving in difficult conditions. Others, like the Tron Legacy Lightcycle, may only be fictitious, but they have captured our imagination and given us thrills and spills on the screen.
Owning one of these super-cars is a possibility if you’ve got a very healthy bank balance, but for most of us ownership is a pipe dream that we reserve for movie night.
Movie Cars

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