Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be a highly stressful moment in our life, luckily it isn’t something we have to do very often. With some forward planning and a few black belt expert tips, moving house doesn’t have to be this way. We show you twelve tips that will make this process a breeze!

  1. Make a floor plan Draw a floor plan of your new home and enter where your furniture would sit. Sell anything that won’t fit the dimensions or would look out of place.
  2. Empty your wardrobe, kitchen cupboards and garage. Sell what you rarely use – this will make your packing quicker and may save money on the removal cost.
  3. Start a home and contents insurance policy on your new home. Shopping around for quotes can take time, so don’t leave this until the last minute.
  4. Change the address for your drivers licence, registration, bank cards – basically empty your wallet and call everyone you have a piece of plastic with.
  5. Arrange a mail redirection.
  6. Washing machines must be moved with care, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These are expensive, don’t rely on the removalist to know your particular machine.
  7. In the week leading up to the move, consume all the frozen food in your freezer. Use it or lose it!
  8. Before dismantling furniture, take a photo so you know exactly how it should look when reconstructing it. Put all nuts, bolts and tools in zip lock bags.
  9. Don’t pay for cardboard boxes – visit large department stores, they’ll give them to you!
  10. The first week in your new home is often a nightmare as you don’t know which box has your belongings. When packing, label a description of the contents in each box. Keep enough clothes for the first two days packed separately, as well as your toothbrush.
  11. When moving out of a rental property, ensure you leave enough time to clean the property and receive your bond money back.
  12. If moving into a rental property, take your time to inspect the property for any marks or damage. Report this to the rental agency/landlord before moving in. Once you have moved in, it becomes your responsibility.

Moving House Checklist
You can also use an online change of address service to setup your utilities and update your accounts.

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