March 9th not only marks Barbie’s Day and day after International Women’s Day but Barbie’s birthday too! Happy Birthday Barbie! So in celebration of this very special day, we thought we’d like to take a moment to celebrate Barbie for everything she’s given young girls and women over the last (almost) 50 years.

It really is all about taking time to acknowledge Barbie not only for her beauty and style, but for her successes too! And what a list she has accumulated over this time too. From becoming a UNICEF Ambassador in 1989 and Ambassador for World Piece, she has served for her country in all three armed forces and trained in numerous vocational areas such as Dentistry, Architecture, Politics, Veterinary, Zoology and Palaeontology to name a few.

She really is quite a remarkable woman and an inspiration to women and young girls all over the world and her C.V. proves that anything a man can do, a woman can do better.

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