The new cruise ships of 2018

Cruising has always been a popular method of travelling the world, and it’s easy to see why especially if you get to do it on a brand-new cruise ship with all the latest comforts and entertainment around you. ROL Cruise, the UK’s number one cruise specialist, has put together a list of the newest cruise ships that have graced our seas in 2018, including the MS Roald Amundsen, the Seabourn Ovation and the Norwegian Bliss.
The infographic, created by ROL Cruise, highlights six of these new cruise ships with hand-drawn imagery and interesting facts about each vessel, including the ship’s launch date, some of the destinations they are travelling to, their size and their weight.
Alongside the infographic, you’ll find a detailed article that puts each ship under a microscope, discussing new, never-seen-before, features and additions that are more advanced than ever before. The article also includes quotes from bloggers who have cruised on these new vessels and their thoughts on the new features and what type of traveller the ship is suitable for.
The destinations are also discussed in more detail by travel bloggers, highlighting their unique offerings as well as the reasons why they should be on any cruise enthusiast’s travel bucket list.
new cruise ships of 2018
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