New model of Adidas shoes, the model, which mind blew the whole world!

New Adidas 2018 collection is an idea of leadership and comfort. Crown with glory German brand enjoys undying popularity for more than half a century.These days, a new collection is represented with a splendid variety of models ranging from outfits for a professional sport to premium class for everyday wearing. An unchanged killer feature of the producer is it’s being an embodiment of high quality, usage of emerging technologies, proper innovative solutions.

Adidas collection is striking with its delicacy and beauty. Sports style meets new fashion tendencies, especially timely for active people, who strive for being up to the challenge of time. It is easy siding with a city fashion. Combination of fashionable colours and tints will make it possible to create an unforgettable stylish sporty look.

When AdolfDassler, the founder of  Adidas company was asked whether his shoes have a future, he answered that no future but there is always the present. Funny enough that Dassler hit the white. For many decades now, German brand specialists make creative and functional models of sports shoes causing a furore in the world market. Each new pair is individual with a set of advantages of its own. New series of Adidas sports shoes of the year 2018 also turned out to be quite motley and original.adidas shoe

Technological aspects of Adidas new-product area

There are both time-proved brand technologies and innovative solutions involved in the new sports shoes collection production. Among the main technological processes:

  1. ClimaProf, a reliable outside material perfectly protecting from wind and cold. It is able to keep a perfect temperature micro climate inside the shoes for a long time.
  2. For motion is a technology, which guarantees a maximum comfort of one`s feet. It is capable of changes in accordance with peculiarities of every sportsman`s feet protecting them from injuries and over fatigue.
  3. Breathability, uniquely thin breathable fabrics, which distribute even lyon the interior upholstery of a sports shoe. They keep constant gas exchange, keeping legs safe from high humidity let alone bacterial development causing an unpleasant smell.

Style created by professionals

This year, Adidas company made the main accent in such a direction as minimalism making new sports shoes. Model design is not overloaded with unnecessary details, which makes universal shoes out of them for different kinds of activity. Majority of versions can be used for both every day walk and active sports training.

Practical colours are used in stylistic shoe appearance (white, black, grey and so on), which keep their primal intention during the life cycle.

If to speak about shape, sports shoes of the new 2018 line are classic. There are more flowing lines, which decrease aggressiveness making it to where they seem to be more dynamic. Among the impressive diversity of models, there are options suggested for both men and women.

Main characteristics

Majority of models is not a reason to believe that they have nothing in common. All the Adidas sports shoes are of high quality with the following set of peculiarities:

  • wear-resisting property
  • strength
  • hydrophobic surface
  • thermal insulating value
  • excellent gas exchange

Due to these qualities, new things of German company will become a great contribution to any wardro be providing with the maximum of comfort for their owner. They will emphasize an original style of a sportsman well giving a solid feeling of self-confidence.

To get oneself familiar with a new collection of Adidas sports shoes and to buy the model you like is available online now. There are original goods, which are easy and fast to purchase. You will be pleasantly surprised with a product line and their accessible price policy.

Special model

Special consideration in a collection of Adidas should be given to the model Tubular Doom Soc. A direction of Originals brand released this model. This shoe represents socks kind of shoes of ultra violet colour.

They are made of breathable fabric, which is doped with pieces made of suede. A non typical look of Tubular is surprising, and their functionality allows nobody to stay indifferent.

Choosing a sports item, take into account some certain factors:

  • define your sports style taking into consideration your age category;
  • style of life. Whether you go in for professional sport or you need clothes for dynamic activities;
  • colour solution. You can choose those colours, which fit you or you need to whitewash.

Adidas Company was found in 1949 in Herzogenaurach(Germany). As of today, it is one of the world`s biggest group companies in the production of sports goods. This year, it produced a unique line of sports shoes, which are going to remain in the history of the world`s sports fashion for a significant period of time!

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