Nightmares at Work (Halloween Edition)

The most horrible nightmares are those that can happen every day to everyone, right? So now that Halloween is just around the corner, we took a small survey and asked our colleagues and friends what were the scariest things they ever experienced. We were also curious about the things that made them shiver even at the very idea that they can happen. And we discovered that the everyday office life is actually full of nightmares. They provoke dismay, awkwardness, disappointment and many other terrible feelings, and not only sensitive people are exposed. In fact, just four simple words – “The deadline was yesterday” – would scare to death anyone, even the bravest ones who are not afraid of spiders and don’t believe in ghosts! We were so impressed by the stories people shared with us that we made an infographic. On it, we collected the worst things that can happen at the workplace, according to the stories of the participants of our survey.
Halloween Edition
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