Nuclear Energy in the UK: Green or Not?

Despite every second person is concerned about nuclear power plants, the UK government plans to build more and more nuclear reactors, as the old ones are planned to be decommissioned.
This is promoted to be part of the target to eliminate power plants that are based on fossil fuels, and are considered safe. While nuclear energy is really a step forward from other energy sources that emit greenhouse gases, it is an important question whether it is the best solution.
The infographic looks into this problem: are nuclear power plants really as sustainable and environmentally friendly as they are said to be? The truth is, they are not. Nuclear reactors require a high volume of uranium or plutonium, which are mined and processed using traditional, fossil energy sources, emitting harmful gases.
However, nuclear power plants also produce an excessive amount of radioactive waste which is extremely dangerous to all living beings, and, therefore, need special storage space. Such waste must be kept underground in ventilated warehouses for 50 years, which amounts to a huge cost for the country.
Contrary to nuclear energy, renewable energy sources like solar power do not produce such harmful waste and do not pose the environment at risk either. As the infographic also concluded, solar energy must be the future for the UK energy generation, leaving nuclear energy behind.
Nuclear Energy in the UK
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