Nursing Homes of the Future

Nursing homes have become more and more important to a greater number of people in society. If a person is over 65, they have a 70% chance of needing long-term care. Of this population, 20% will need care that will last longer than 5 years. In addition to an aging population, the nursing home industry has also been under a lot of pressure and criticism, especially ignited at the onset of the global pandemic.
Prior to the pandemic, many facilities had a bad reputation, much of which could be seen through online reviews that were tied to living conditions. Surfaces that make you feel at home and are easier to clean will be at the forefront of the nursing home of the future.
Nursing home flooring has become all the more important as nursing home restrictions ease.
Learn more about changing the appearance of nursing homes from the inside out from the visual deep dive below:
Nursing Homes of the Future
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