The Time for Nursing is Now!

Career opportunities for nurses are well on the rise. Nursing is currently the fastest growing career industry in the country, and career opportunities for nurses are well on the rise. With a growing emphasis on patient care and an aging, baby boomer population, the nursing workforce is expected to grow more than half a million RN workers by 2022. This large expansion of nursing careers also bears with it the need for registered nurses. By 2022, there will also be over one million job openings for nursing students. If you are an amazing healer and considering a nursing degree, the time for you is now. Starting a nursing degree today means that you can be a part of this in-demand career in as little as 18 months. The following infographic by Goodwin College shows how the demand for nurses will surge over the next decade, and show you just where, and how, you will be needed in the medical field.Nursing

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