NYC Flat Fee MLS

Is there an official New York City Multiple Listing Service that all of the city’s brokers use? Is it possible for a FSBO seller in New York City to pay a flat fee to get his or her home listed on it through a Flat Fee MLS listing package?

Although there is a Manhattan MLS operated by the Manhattan Association of Realtors (MANAR), it is not very popular and a large portion of the major brokerages have failed to join.

As a result, the primary inter-brokerage database is called RLS and actually operated by a non-Realtor entity called the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

Over 75% of NYC home buyers are represented by agents in New York City. A NYC FSBO seller who do not list his or her home on RLS is therefore preventing the vast majority of buyers from seeing his or her home. This can be a deadly move which may result in a low sale price or the failure to find a buyer altogether.

New York City (NYC) FSBO sellers looking to fully market a property should actually be on the lookout for a ‘Flat Fee RLS’ listing package. NYC FSBO sellers can list on the New York City MLS (Multiple Listing Service), called RLS (REBNY Listing Service), through Hauseit.

A NYC Flat Fee MLS listing package also posts your home on over a dozen real estate websites, including StreetEasy, all at once for zero percent listing agent commission!

NYC Flat Fee MLS

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  1. NYC Flat Fee MLS is the way to go when selling in NYC. I was almost persuaded out of selling FSBO by a traditional broker who lived in my building. He walked and talked as if he was entitled to list my property and every other unit that came to market in the complex. It was a complete turn-off, so I ended up deciding to go the DIY method and list FSBO. It worked like a charm and I was able to find a buyer in 8 weeks.

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