OccuSearch Now Helps You Plan Your Australian Journey

As a mobile application, OccuSearch has been widely appreciated for the tangible benefits it provides to Australian immigrants. Recent users have complimented the application for the concise and easy to use information that exists on its platform. It’s ability to also seamlessly explore the Australian Occupational Skills list has also been lauded.

Recently, the creators of OccuSearch, Aussizz Group received over 1,600 invites during the 189-invitation frenzy. It was a proud moment for everyone involved to see so many occupations from the SOL list be invited.

This also showcases our incredible stature in the field of migration and the expertise that has gone into this mobile application.

If you’re someone considering migrating, all of this information might seem too much for you. The number one priority should be understanding what is relevant for you. This is even more important when it comes to understanding the financial aspect of all of this.

The OccuSearch Fund Calculator

When it comes to calculating the funds required for your Australian journey, individuals will need to clearly categorize their major and minor expenses.

First, we will write down the fees for the first twelve months of the course. This helps us get it out of the way and factor it in at the start.

To then understand the living cost, we add a spouse or children if its applicable to your current circumstances. As a rule of thumb, the more the individuals, the higher the cost.

Considering we are now thinking about the children, we look at how many of them are school aged. This will help us calculate the average fees for their education and establish for us the amount that will be required during your stay.

As migration is a global phenomenon, OccuSearch would then like to understand the region you are applying from. This would help it calculate the estimated travelling cost.

You are now able to submit your answers to the questions and view the results. The summary section provides you with a neat little graph to understand a visual representation of our estimation.

For your benefit, a more detailed estimation is provided right below it.

Features made just for you

The data tells us that our fund calculator is as popular as our Australia PR Points Calculator and VEVO Check Australia. These are two of our most used features and it is humbling to see how useful they have become in the community.

So, here’s our recommendation for you. If you’re just starting to plan your journey to Australia or are almost here, download OccuSearch now. The fund calculator is just the tip of the iceberg – there are several more features you would like to explore.

From better understanding your options at permanently migration to Australia to in-depth information on your pathways and skill-assessment process. The app provides you instant access to information that has been verified by the experts of Aussizz Group.

Now available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Infographic Source: https://www.aussizzgroup.com/blog/occusearch-your-migration-assistant-that-fits-in-your-pocket

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