40 Mind Blowing 2016 Facts About How People Use Food Delivery And Order Food Online In 2016

When it comes to enjoying the food you’ve been dreaming about, what could be better than a food delivery service that can serve you delicious foods at your door step in no time.
This Stunning food delivery infographic shows the most updated food delivery facts across 5 continents in 2016.
You would be surprised to know how US students, UK restaurants, Australian and Africans order food online using food delivery application.
This amazing food delivery infographic In a nutshell:

  1. Men in Australia eat out 3.9 times per month but Female Australian prefer to dine out 3.2 times per month
  2. American college students are, rather shockingly, less likely to say Thank You or Please when ordering Online.
  3. British food delivery is absolutely behind the market average as with 40 Million Digital Users UK restaurants are found not to be mobile friendly.
  4. In Africa, more than 50% of online users like to order food online using food delivery mobile apps and smartphones.
  5. Indian, very surprisingly, prefer to order fast food much more than Indian foods and other types of food. In fact, Indian food in food delivery has only 38% of the marketonline food order and delivery facts

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  1. This was some crazy interesting information. I wouldn’t have thought that the British would be so far behind on being mobile friendly. I also think it’s hilarious that men take less time to order than women (on average). Keep more of these coming, please? They’re super interesting!

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